How to request account reactivation through Persona (Unfreeze account)

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If you are unable to access your account for any of the following reasons:

  • Multiple failed attempts to enter the 2FA / authentication code

  • Self-suspension of the account via Bitkub LINE Connect or email

  • Changing your phone, losing your phone, or accidentally deleting the authenticator application

For any other reasons, such as deactivating the passkey system, you can request through the Persona system by submitting a request along with your verification details. Please refer to the instructions below.

What you need to prepare

  • A mobile phone or a laptop with a camera

  • Your Thai national ID (or a passport for foreign users) *The document must be valid.

How to process your request on Persona

1. Click on the Persona link attached to the email. (The email must be sent from [email protected] only, and the link must begin with

2. Select your nationality and click Next.

  • You can change the language from the language icon at the bottom left as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Read and acknowledge the statement regarding personal information collection, then tap "Acknowledged".

4. Fill in your first name - last name and email address registered with your Bitkub account, then tap "Submit".

5. Select the reason for your account freeze and click Submit.

  • If the reason you choose is related to 2FA, OTP, and mobile devices, you will also need to select whether you want to deactivate the 2FA function or not.

  • If you would like to deactivate the passkey system on your account, please select the reason as "No longer use passkey".

6. Take a photo of your new and valid identity document by clicking on the green button with the camera symbol.

  • Take a photo of the front of your valid ID card (for Thai nationals).

  • Take a photo of the biometric page of your valid passport (for non-Thai nationals).

  • Click Upload a photo to upload the prepared photo of your identification.

  • For Thai nationals, once the photo of the front of your ID card is accepted, the system will direct you to take a photo of the back of your ID card; please hold your ID card still in the frame displayed on the screen and click 'Take photo'.

7 . Take your selfie.

  • Click 'Get started' to start taking your selfie with your device’s camera.

  • Click 'Add a photo from another device' if you want to upload a prepared selfie.

  • Please follow the instructions accordingly.

               Screen_Shot_2564-12-20_at_15.33.56.png Screen_Shot_2564-12-20_at_15.34.11.png

An example of an incorrect selfie (the user is wearing glasses while taking the photo).


Example of a correct selfie

  • Position your face in the middle of the frame before taking the selfie.

  • Remove the face mask, glasses, or any accessories that are covering your face.

  • Turn your face slightly according to the instructions of the system.


8. You will then see a message informing you that you will receive an email to inform you of the result within 1-24 hours. You can close the window at this step.

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