Listing Announcement: RealX

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 01:00 PM

Bitkub Exchange (“Company”) will officially list the RealX token on the system. RealX is classified as a digital token (referring to the digital asset classification). Please study its basic information below.

Basic information on RealX token*

  • RealX is an investment token (Asset-backed token) issued by Real Estate Exponential Company Limited (“RealX issuer”).

  • The investors will be provided with quarterly returns from the net rentals in the first ten years of the project and guaranteed net income during the 1st - 5th years of the project at 4.00%, 4.25%, 4.50%, 4.75%, and 5.00% per year respectively according to the digital token offering value.

  • The RealX issuer aims to bring the number of tokens closer to the number of available spaces of the project assets by burning the tokens according to the proportion of the units (which is the project's underlying asset) sold until all tokens are burned, at which point the RealX token issuer sells all of its units.

* Please be advised to study the token whitepaper (reference) and risks thoroughly before investing. For more information, please visit


  • RealX Deposit
    Starts on 18 September 2023 at 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

    • Please be sure to use wallets that support the currency, and transfer only via the Token X Blockchain Network (TKX Chain).

    • The RealX deposits must be made from the primary market. The account holder on the Token X application (where the RealX tokens will be sent from) and on the Bitkub Exchange application (where the RealX tokens will be transferred to) must be the same person and registered under the same name on both applications.

    • Investors who receive the RealX tokens from asset allocation on Token X which is the primary market can create and copy a RealX wallet address on Bitkub Exchange and use it for transferring the tokens from the Token X wallet to Bitkub Exchange for trading (click here to learn more about how to create a wallet address).

  • RealX Trade (Buy and Sell)
    Starts on 25 September 2023 at 10:00 AM (GMT+7)
    ** Please check the current price of RealX before investing.

  • RealX Withdrawal
    Please stay tuned for further announcement which will be published on the main communication channels of the Company.


  • The Company reserves the right to provide or not provide the RealX withdrawal service, which the Company will carefully consider and take appropriate actions. Should there be any changes in service availability, further announcements will be published accordingly.

  • After the trading system is opened, the price of the token can fluctuate which is caused by a market mechanism. Please make an investment decision carefully.

  • A wallet address used for transferring the RealX tokens must be a whitelisted address only.

  • If the recipient addresses do not support the token or meet the criteria, your funds may be lost as confirmed transactions cannot be canceled or changed.

  • The determination of the RealX properties is in accordance with the token whitepaper issued and set by the token issuer under the supervision of the SEC.

  • Cryptocurrency investments are classified as high-risk investments. Before making investment decisions, please consider the risks and invest wisely.

Thank you for your trust and continued support.

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