Account Security: Avoiding Phishing Sites

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 08:23 AM

Phishing or Fishing sites have a similar meaning in terms of the method where they laid out a bait long enough to steal your user’s data, credit card, or account information.

These sites may impersonate our user interface and URL as our own official website. They are able to steal your password If you input your account details then they will gain access to your account when you unknowingly share your account information.

There are guidelines to avoid these criminal websites and what to look out for!


Phishers tend to have a similar UI/UX as the original website where they redirect users to their pages for users to the account information. They are highly skilled to imitate the page as the real thing. However, URL is a part where users can check if it's the original website (they may be similar but never the same). Please check carefully before you enter your details, otherwise, your data could be leaked.


The "S" signature in "HTTPS" means "secure". It's a security protocol to ensure that your account detail is not going to be phished by the website. You can simply notice this in your address bar. This is one of many ways to identify fake websites but not always.



Your information could be leaked by your current apps and software installed in your system. These problems may occur if you install software from unofficial websites and do not have an antivirus on your computer. This software may record your information when you input your personal details on a website. Then it sends the information to others in the network without you noticing.

Install an antivirus and clean your computer regularly to avoid such issues.


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