How to withdraw coins (cryptocurrency)

Modified on Wed, 08 Mar 2023 at 01:22 PM

Click Bitkub App: How to Withdraw Coins (Cryptocurrency) with your mobile application.


To withdraw tokens from the web version, please follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to your Bitkub account.

2. From the Homepage, click the WALLET icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Then, choose MY WALLET.

  • On the WALLETS page, you will see the THB and cryptocurrencies that have 'Withdraw' buttons aligned to each of them.


3. Click WITHDRAW as to which cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from your Bitkub wallet.



4. Fill out necessary information such as: receiving wallet address, amount, etc., before clicking Withdraw.

  • Memo/Destination tag is required for the following tokens: XRP, XLM, IOST, SIX, BAND, SCRT, DON, LUNA, LUNA2, SOLO, HBAR, and ATOM.
  • Each withdrawal transaction will be deducted a transaction fee. You can check the fee for each coin here. If your transaction is between Bitkub accounts, you will not be charged the transaction fee.
  • Bitkub Exchange uses the fee rates according to the current rates on the blockchain. If the fee needs to be reduced or increased, we will update it on the system accordingly at 12:00 PM, 04:00 PM, 09:00 PM, and 12:00 AM (GMT+7) every day (if any). (Check more details here.)


If the tag is not needed, be noted that you can’t leave the memo/destination tag space empty. You can enter any number. However, it is recommended to put 1 for six-digit (111111) or 0 for one-digit (0) in the space, and please avoid entering any letter or symbol in the space, or else your transaction may be declined.

Screen Shot 2565-08-16 at 18.32.33.png

5. Fill in the 2FA code correctly and SMS OTP (If activated) then click OK.

*You don't have to enter 2FA and SMS OTP in case you make a withdrawal to the trust address.

  • In case the 2FA is not enabled on your account, the system will ask you to enable it before you proceed. Click ENABLE 2FA then follow the steps.


Your transaction request will be shown in the transaction history. You may find it at the bottom portion of the screen. Kindly allow time for the confirmation from the blockchain to complete. If you want to know more details about the required confirmation from the blockchain, please check this link.



You can cancel your withdrawal request as long as the transaction has not yet been confirmed on the blockchain (the transaction is marked 'Waiting'). If the transaction's status is 'Pending', it is not possible to cancel the request.



  • Once you have requested a coin withdrawal, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address automatically. Please confirm your withdrawal request through the said email within 24 hours. In case you are unable to confirm it within the mentioned period, please cancel such withdrawal requests and submit a new one to make sure that your request details are correct and your assets will be sent to the right address you intend to send to.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) must be activated before making crypto deposits or withdrawals.


You may receive a call from our Staff at Bitkub Exchange after we receive your withdrawal request for additional verification by using this number only: 02-032-9555.

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