We would like to inform you that Bitkub will temporarily suspend the deposit, withdrawal, and trading of every coin and THB as well as KYC verification, bank account registration, 2FA activation, and log in on both website and application to upgrade the system. During the enhancement, you will not be able to perform any activity on your Bitkub account.
Please rest assured that all assets are well secured.


Issue    Scheduled Suspension for System Upgrade of All Coins and THB Deposit, Withdrawal, Trading, and All Activities on Bitkub Website and Application
Date 15 August 2021
From 01:00 AM (GMT+7)
To 02:00 AM (GMT+7)


  1. Please be advised to avoid performing any activity on your account during the system enhancement period.
  2. Donnie Finance (DON) and Cortex Coin (CTXC) will remain in suspended status after the upgrade is completed.
  3. Some coins may remain suspended after the upgrade. Please wait for additional announcements.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.