Bitkub App: Account Verification KYC Level 1 for All Nationals

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 03:28 PM

1. Open the Bitkub Exchange application and log in to your account. 

2. Tap Setting at the bottom right of the screen and select "Verify Your Account."



3. Select "Continue".



4. Select your citizenship.

5. Review and make sure you understand the FATCA form before confirming your status and continuing to the next step.

6. Fill in your general information in every field correctly.

  • Do not fill in the title (such as Mr., Miss).
  • Do not fill in your name your nickname or other names that are not stated on your identification document.
  • Fill in your phone number correctly and tap "OTP Verify" to verify your phone number.

7. Fill in your address information in every field correctly.

  • If you have more than 1 address, please tick the button "My contact address is different from the above." to provide your other address. 


8. Read the guidelines before taking a photo of your identification document (national ID for Thais / passport for foreigners), and complete the face scan via the Persona system. 

  • Tap on the green button with the message "Take a photo" to take a photo of your ID card (for Thais) or passport (for foreigners).
  • Tap "Confirm" to submit a photo or "Retake" to take a new photo.
  • Complete face scanning as instructed by the system.

9. Select your source of funds from the options provided, and tap "Next" after completing filling out the information.

 10. Complete the Suitability Test.

  • Please make sure to answer every question as your application will not proceed unless all questions are answered. Tap "Next" after completing the test.


11. Submit your documents.

  • For Thai nationals, please select 1 method you would like to use.

11.1 NDID method: Click here for detailed instructions.

11.2 Dip Chip method at Counter Service at a 7-Eleven store is available: Click here for detailed instructions.

  • For non-Thai nationals

You can submit the document by uploading at least 2 documents. (You can find the list of acceptable documents here.)

* Please ensure that the documents you upload to the system are not encrypted for prompt processing.


12. Read the AML policy and confirm your acknowledgment and consent to accept the agreement before investing; select "Confirm" to finish your verification.


13. Complete the crypto knowledge quiz; you need to answer 10 crypto-related questions. Tap "Get started" to begin.

Crypto_Knowledge-A-D-EN-Crypto_Knowledge (3).png


  • Choose the correct answer by tapping on that answer and tap "Next" to proceed to the next question.

Crypto_Knowledge-A-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (6).png

  • If your answer is correct, the "Next" button will turn green, and you can tap to proceed to the next question.
  • If your answer is incorrect, the choice will turn red, and you have to reselect your answer to the correct one to proceed further.

An example of a correct answerAn example of an incorrect answer
Crypto_Knowledge-A-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (7).pngCrypto_Knowledge-A-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (8).png


  • You can complete this quiz later by tapping "Leave this page". However, you will not be able to make any trading (buy-sell) transactions until the quiz is completed.

Crypto_Knowledge-A-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (9) (1).png


  • When you complete the quiz, the system will show the message below. Tab "Go back to home" to start using any other functions on Bitkub Exchange. The verification result will be sent to you via email within the specified period*.

Crypto_Knowledge-A-D-EN-Crypto_Knowledge (2).png


* The verification may be completed within 1-15 days for general customers and within 60 days for customers with additional conditions after we receive the correct and complete documentation. If there are many customers of the identity verification service, it may take longer than usual to process. We will do our best to process your submission as quickly as possible.

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