SMS OTP Authentication for Coin Withdrawals (Application)

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You can turn on an SMS OTP Authentication (to receive an OTP via SMS) to enhance the security of your digital asset withdrawals from your Bitkub account on our website and application. This function will allow you to use an SMS OTP together with 2FA authentication. Moreover, Bitkub also provides you with a Security Questions function in case of suspicious withdrawal requests. In the future, Bitkub will implement both functions, SMS OTP and Security Questions, for other activities further than coin withdrawals.


For Website, please refer to this link > Click Here.

* You are required to verify your phone number that is bound to your Bitkub account before activating an SMS OTP function.
For new users, you can find more information about mobile number verification here.


For users with successful KYC verification

OTP setting guide for coin withdrawals on application

1. On the coin withdrawal page, please fill in the details correctly and tap “Withdraw” to proceed with your coin withdrawal request.


2. The system will send you a notification to activate an SMS OTP Authentication. You can choose to activate the function immediately or later. If you wish to activate it immediately, please select "Enable OTP Authentication".


3. The system will take you to the Security page to reinstall 2FA first. If you wish to continue later, you can access this page by using our menu dropdown and selecting Settings. Then, tap on the “SMS OTP Setting” section. You may notice that it shows an “Inactive” status.

EN Inactive.png

4. You will need to install a new version of 2FA authentication. Please read the Terms and Conditions of OTP Authentication Setup, tick all the boxes, and tap “Accept the conditions”.


5. For the application, a Google Authenticator application must be installed on the same device. You can select “Set up automatically” and the system will automatically connect to your Google Authenticator app. If you have Google Authenticator installed on a different device, you can bind 2FA by using the seed phrase (or 'the setup key').


6Fill in 2FA and OTP (received via SMS) codes that contain 6 digits and tap “Next”.

006_Enable-OTP_Step01.png 007_Enable-OTP_Done.png 

7. The SMS OTP setting status on both the security page on the website and the application will be displayed as “Active”.

EN Active.png

8. In case you changed your phone number and are unable to activate SMS OTP, please contact our team to assist you with the new number registration. You can find more information here > How to change the mobile number.



Coin withdrawals with OTP and 2FA

1. After you have successfully activated your OTP, you will be able to withdraw coins by using 2FA and SMS OTP to maximize the safety of your account.


2. By selecting “Request OTP”, the system will send a code to your number with a 60-second countdown. Please note that the code cannot be reused, thus the code must be used within the specified period.


3. After filling in the OTP and 2FA, the system will send you an email to request your coin withdrawal confirmation. Once confirmed, your coin withdrawal request will proceed.



OTP Verification Acceptance Criteria

  • After requesting an OTP, the system will send an OTP and 4 alphabets as a reference to your phone number. If the password is filled in incorrectly, your account will be deactivated temporarily for coin withdrawals for the periods specified in the table below. 

Using incorrect OTP

Waiting period

First time


Second time

1 minute

Third time

2 minutes

Fourth time

3 minutes (on Bitkub website)
5 minutes (on Bitkub application)

Fifth time


The system will create a new reference and you will be able to request an OTP again afterward.

** If the OTP is incorrectly filled in 5 times, your account will be suspended for coin withdrawals. Please contact our customer support team for account verification and reactivation.


  • Enabling OTP for coin withdrawals will affect the use of the Trust Address. You will need to enter both the OTP and 2FA codes each time before you save a new Trust Address. You can learn more from > Here
  • You are not able to deactivate 2FA and use only SMS OTP for coin withdrawals. Once SMS OTP has been activated, you will need both 2FA and SMS OTP when you withdraw coins.
  • Security Questions is a new security function that we added to our system. In the event of a suspicious withdrawal request, you will be asked questions to verify your identity. You can answer security questions wrong up to 3 times, after which your account will be suspended for coin withdrawals. Please contact our customer support team to verify your identity and unlock.

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