Unable to get 2FA codes

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If you lost or cannot access your device

If it is impossible to access the 2FA from your device because you have lost it or the device is damaged and unusable, please follow the instructions here: How to submit your verification information for 2FA unlock requests through Persona.

What will happen when you incorrectly fill in the 2FA password (Google Authenticator)?

  1. If you are sure that you fill in the correct 2FA password from Google Authenticator and still cannot access it, it might be because the Authenticator is not properly synced, or the time does not match the current device or the incorrect time zone. If this is the case, try resetting to the current time or select your device's time zone to match the country of residence.
  2. If the initial steps are unsuccessful, please try the following steps. ** This may require another device.
  • You can transfer the Google Authenticator app to another device and get a password to the account from another device. (Please click here to see how to move 2FA Authenticator.)
  • If the process is successful, you may now move back to the main device immediately.

For security purposes, if you consecutively fill in the wrong 2FA passwords a specific number of times, your account will be temporarily suspended from entering the 2FA password according to the table below:

Failed attempt

Waiting period

1st time


2nd time


3rd time

30 minutes

4th time

60 minutes

5th time

Account temporarily suspended

In case of temporary 2FA suspension, you will not be able to perform the following:

** If you are still filling in an incorrect 2FA password for 5 consecutive times, your account will be temporarily suspended. Please contact our Customer Support to verify your identity through this link to unlock your account.

The system will reset the 2FA password failed attempt counter when the correct 2FA password has been entered, or 24 hours have passed since the last 2FA password entry attempt.

The security notification for customers when a 2FA entry failed attempt has been made

When the system detects a failed 2FA password entry attempt for the second time, it will notify you via email and LINE Bitkub Connect (if connected) that there are suspicious activities on your account. Please see the examples below.



Example of account temporary suspension email notification


Example of warning SMS for 2 consecutive failed 2FA entry attempts onwards

Multiple incorrect 2FA were found from your account.
If this was not your activity, please contact Bitkub 020329555

Example of account temporary suspension SMS after the 5th failed 2FA entry attempt

Your account has been suspended, please contact Bitkub 020329555


RemarkPlease note that the email notification will be sent from '[email protected]' only. For security, please acknowledge that we do not ask for your security information (e.g. password, etc.) and make sure to recheck the sender's email before responding or processing further.

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