How to Increase Account Security and Avoid Scams on Telegram

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 05:06 PM

Today, Bitkub Exchange would like to introduce you to some simple tips that could help prevent you from being scammed while using the Telegram application. You can also adapt these tips to any applications you use for the security of your account and personal information!

#1: Report any suspicious activity you spot
If you suspect any suspicious account or activity on Telegram, please report it immediately to @notoscam along with videos or screenshots of your conversations with such a person, or activities that happen on that suspicious account so they can check and take further actions like marking that account as scammer and so on.

#2: Be cautious with sharing your personal information
The Telegram channel of Bitkub Exchange is used for broadcasting important announcements and answering general questions about our products and services only. If someone requests your important or personal information through a channel that looks like our account, please verify the requester's email address first; our email address must end with only such as [email protected].

#3: If unsure, contact our team through our official communication channels right away
Our Customer Support team is ready to assist our customers 24/7 via the Bitkub website, chats, and calls. If you encounter any problems or your personal information is requested, please make sure that you are chatting with Bitkub agents or a trustworthy person only, and pay close attention before disclosing any sensitive information or transaction details.


Scammers sometimes use our agents' names and profile pictures to create fraudulent Telegram accounts. They are likely to contact any users who may require assistance as well as use other scamming techniques to make users do what they want like phishing or trying to convince them to transfer money or digital assets in exchange for assistance.


  1. Recheck and make sure before sharing personal information.
    Please consider the security of your account and personal information, and always ensure that you are chatting with Bitkub agents (or someone trustworthy), as transaction information is essential and should never be shared with unauthorized parties. 

  2. Know the official communication channels of Bitkub Exchange.
  3. Beware of suspicious activities.
    You can send screenshots or videos of your conversations and forward them to @notoscam to have the security team of Telegram check further.

  4. Do not post your confidential information on Telegram or any other social media.
    Some users like to share their information online or set their posts to public. If scammers discover your information on the platform, they can claim to be support agents or use them for their benefit.

  5. Avoid solicited content or 'dream selling'.
    Always be cautious when encountering solicited or exaggerated content, not only on Telegram but also on other applications and social media, as scammers make substantial efforts to deceive you.

  6. Install and activate security systems.
    The security questions are created to prevent information leaks. Please consider using it to deter scammers and protect your information. Another feature we recommend is 2FA (2-factor authentication).

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