Account Security: Scammers in Messaging Apps for Cryptocurrency Communities

Modified on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 07:36 PM

- These tips will surely help you out to get rid of those scam messages and tactics.
- Use these ideas to prevent scammers from getting any vital information about your account.
- Highly applicable not only for Telegram Community but also for other accounts that have your vital account information.
- The Tips and Ideas in this article are free and will help you cut down expenses for extra apps to secure your account.

 Telegram investigates and takes necessary actions to deal with those SCAMMER Accounts. Usually, once an ACCOUNT has been reported by a significant number of users, Telegram will mark it as a SCAM account.

Telegram has a place to report potential scammers: @notoscam. You can send screenshots of a conversation or forward suspicious messages there.

#2: Telegram channel is used for broadcasting important announcements and for answering general questions about Any issues that require specific vital information about an account should be coordinated through our legitimate email address, [email protected].

#3: has a LIVE CHAT support system that you can access on the website. Do not provide any specific information about any of your transactions via Telegram Channel.

 There are certain instances that one of our support representative's profile Names and Picture has been copied to create a fraudulent account profile in Telegram. 
 The SCAMMERS will try to contact any vulnerable user to phish/gather information about the account or persuade them to transfer money or coins in exchange for getting assistance to whatever issue or concern they are having at the moment.
 We highly advise you to block anyone who messages you first saying that they are affiliated to 

1. Be a responsible user
 - As the owner of your account, you should be the first to protect it. It is a wise decision to determine which information should and should not be provided. Refrain from giving out or sharing the details of your transactions if it is not necessary.

2. Know the Official Support Channels
 - support systems
 - EMAIL: [email protected]
 - Live Chat:
 - Telephone: 02-032-9555

3. Report suspicious activity
 - Help the entire community to get rid of and mark these opportunistic parasites. You can send the screenshots of a conversation or forward suspicious messages to @notoscam in TELEGRAM. They will investigate the incident for you.

4. Do not post any of your transaction details on the Telegram Channel.
 - This common mistake will attract Hackers/Scammers. If they figured that you are vulnerable at the moment and you want to get your issue resolved as soon as possible, they will take the opportunity to message you and definitely ask you for other information that is not necessary to really resolve your issue.

5. Do not let your guard down. 
 - Always be cautious and vigilant in entertaining messages not only in Telegram but also to other messaging apps. Hackers/Scammers will try everything to get your trust.

6. Do not be complacent
 - Set a security question that only you and can have access to. Unless those questions are answered, no information should be provided. Make sure you are actually talking with representative.

*** Please be advised to activate your 2 - Factor Authentication for extra security of your account.


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