According to the announcement of Flare Network airdropping which results in the snapshot on 12 December 2020 at around 07:00 AM (GMT+7), XRP holders will receive a new Spark Token.
The Spark Token amount for Bitkub users will be calculated based on the formula as follows:

A number of Spark airdrops obtained by users = Number of Spark obtained by Bitkub x Percentage of user holdings.

Percentage of user holdings = The number of users' XRP holdings / The total number of XRP holdings of Bitkub.
Please be informed that Flare Network limits the number of coins to 45 billion Spark Tokens only. The 1:1 ratio may be altered and recalculated by Flare Networks developers if the amount of XRP holders is over 45 billion coins at the time of the snapshot.

By this event, Bitkub will support Spark Token as we will distribute the new coins to XRP holders under the below conditions.
  • Users are required to possess XRP in their Bitkub wallet before 12 December 2020 at 07:00 AM (GMT+7) in order to receive the new tokens.
  • The new tokens will be distributed by the mentioned formula above.
  • In order to list the new token, Bitkub verifies Spark Token the same way as we verify other listed tokens. Though we support the airdrop, we may not list the token on our system. Please allow us to update you on this matter again on our website.


The claimable XRP owners will not receive the Spark Token right after the Snapshot on 12 December 2020. The new coins will be distributed once Flare Network’s system development is completed which may take approximately 6 months according to the developers. Bitkub will announce the schedule in regard to the distribution date as soon as we receive the update from Flare Network.