Account Verification: KYC LEVEL 1 (THAI NATIONALS)

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Click Account Verification: KYC LEVEL 1 (THAI NATIONALS) for verification on your mobile application.


To verify your account on the web version, please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to and log in to your account.


2. Go to “My Dashboard” > look for “Account Verification” > click the red button "VERIFY NOW."

Once entering the verification page, click "Verify".

Screen Shot 2565-07-21 at 11.34.00.png


3. Click "Continue" to proceed to the next step. Choose your citizenship. In this case, select “Thai Citizen”.

Screen Shot 2565-07-21 at 11.52.39.png


4. Please read and understand the details of FATCA. Then, answer the question categorized as follows:

  • Part 1: Status of Customer
  • Part 2: Confirmation and Change of Status
  • Part 3: Authorisation for information disclosure and account withholding

4A. If you hold a matching status with any or all of the items, please choose "If any of the information in "A. U.S. Person Status check", either in whole or in part, are accurate or match with your condition, please click here".




   1.) Download the form and fill in all the required information

   2.) Click the “Attach files” button to add files to the form

   3.) Fill in your U.S. Social Security number and U.S. employer identification number. 

Then click “Next”.



4B. If you hold a matching status with any or all of the items, please choose "If any of the information in "B. Additional Question", either in whole or in part, are accurate or matches with your condition, please click here."



   1.) Download the form and fill in all the required information

   2.) Click the “Attach files” button to submit the filled form

   3.) Fill in your foreign tax identifying number

   4.) In the event that you successfully renounced American citizenship, please attach the supporting documents and click on the circle, (O) “Supporting documents for the renunciation of American citizenship”.


Click "NEXT" if you successfully filled out all the information.


5. If you confirm that your status does not match a part or all of the information, please click on the circle (O) “I certify that the information above, either in whole or in part, does NOT match my status.”, then click “NEXT”.


6. When you enter the IDENTITY VERIFICATION page, you will be required to fill in the actual information shown in your ID. 

  • Do not fill in your title (such as Mr., Miss, etc.)
  • Fill in all the information correctly. For the middle name field, please fill in only if you have a middle name. Do not fill in your nickname or other names that are not your official middle name as stated on your passport.
  • Fill in your phone number correctly and click "OTP Verify" to verify your phone number.



    The system will send the OTP (one-time password) to your registered phone number. Please obtain the digits from the SMS and fill in the box correctly within 2 minutes.



Once verified, the button "OTP Verify" will change to Verified, and you will not be able to change the phone number by yourself. Click "NEXT" to continue the verification process. 

Remark: Please complete the OTP confirmation before continuing to the next step.



7. Fill in your current registered address detail, and click "Next".

  • Please click on the circle (O) My contact address is different from the above. if the contact address is not the same address as your registered address. 

8. Specify the details of your career or source of funds by clicking on the circle (O) in front of the matching option, selecting the matching occupation, and selecting the matching range of income.


In the event that you have a side career or more than 1 source of income, please click on the circle (O) You also have other sources of income. and specify all actual details.


9. Complete the SUITABILITY TEST.  Please answer every question and fill in all the extra fields with your true conditions.


10. Select the circle (O) before the statement “I certify that the above information and documents submitted to Bitkub are true and accurate. Also, I hereby give all the consent and authorizations as defined above.” to confirm that the submitted information is true and accurate. Then c
lick “Next”.


EN suy test.png
Example of a pop-up that shows the score of your Suitability Test.

11. You will be routed to the identity verification process. There are 2 methods that you can choose from:

  • Method 1: Submit your document and photo at a Counter Service (7-Eleven) via the Dip Chip system. If you select this method, please visit this link How to verify an account via Dip chip at a Counter Service?
  • Method 2: Self-uploading the documents that are issued by the government. If you select this method, please follow the instructions below.

EN dip vhip.png


11.1 Upload the documents by clicking on the right-hand box or dragging the files there. These are the documents that can be uploaded for users with Thai citizenship.

  • Users with Thai nationality are required to submit at least 1 type of the following documents:

    • House registration: House particulars page and your particulars page
      (or) Driving License
      (or) Birth Certificate
      (or) Civil Servant Card
      (or) Veteran Identification Card
      (or) Thai Passport
      (or) Government Official/ State Enterprise Identity Card
      (or) Marriage Certificate (KhorRor.2) (front-back)
      (or) Name Change Certificate



  • You can upload photos of actual documents or copied ones. (Your documents can be submitted with or without your signature.)
  • In case you sign on the documents, please make sure your signature or a watermark is not covering any detail on the document.
  • The photo should be clear, containing complete information with a valid expiration date.
  • The file must include the page with the house details and the page with your name and last name.
  • For additional documents, you can choose to submit 1 or more types of documents for verification.
  • The system supports JPG, JPEG, and PDF up to 20 MB per file.
  • In case you have communication, decision-making, or physical disability, please submit the required documents that are still valid as follows:
  •  Required documents,
    • Your ID card for PWD or a medical certificate that clearly identifies the details of your disability.
    • Two pages of your house registration (The house particulars page and your particulars page that shows your full name.)

11.2 Click “Next” after you successfully upload all the required documents to proceed to the last step of the verification process or click “Save” to save and continue later.


12. If you click "Next", you will be routed to the last step as shown below. Please read through the instructions then click "Next".

At this very last step of the verification process, you will be provided double-spaced alternative options whether you will verify via:

(1.) QR code scanning, or

(2.) Uploading photos (from the gallery)


(1.) QR code scanning
After you scan the QR code, there will be a link leading you to the verification process as shown in the image below. Please click "Start".


After that, there will be a request for your allowance to accessing into your camera. Please click Allow to do such a verification procedure.


The system will ask you to take the images as follows:

  • The front side of your ID card
  • The back side of your ID card
  • Your selfie photo


(2.) Uploading photos (from the gallery)

If you choose to verify your identity by (2.) uploading photos from your gallery, please click on "here".



Below is a clear and accurate demonstration of how to hold the documents. Click "OK" to acknowledge.



Upload pictures and documents to verify your identity in the correct order. Once the pictures have been uploaded successfully, click the "Next" button at the bottom right corner.



13. When you successfully submitted all the documents for verification, you'll see the window that displays "Please take the crypto knowledge quiz while waiting for the verification result." You have to answer 10 crypto-related questions. Click on "Get started" to begin the quiz.



14. Read and understand the suggestion before clicking "Get started."

Crypto_Knowledge-D-D-EN-Crypto_Knowledge (2).png


15. Choose the correct answer by clicking on that answer then click "Next" to proceed to the next question.

Crypto_Knowledge-D-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (6).png

  • If your answer is correct, the "Next" button will turn green, and you can click to proceed to the next question.
  • If your answer is incorrect, the choice will turn red, and you have to reselect your answer to the correct one to proceed further.
An example of a correct answerAn example of an incorrect answer
Crypto_Knowledge-D-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (7).pngCrypto_Knowledge-D-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (8).png


You can complete this quiz later by clicking "Leave this page." However, you will not be able to make any trading (buy-sell) transactions.

Crypto_Knowledge-D-D-TH-Crypto_Knowledge (9) (1).png


16. When you complete the quiz, the system will show the message below. Click on "Go back to home" to start using any other functions on Bitkub Exchange. The verification result will be sent to you via email within the specified period*.

Crypto_Knowledge-D-D-EN-Crypto_Knowledge (1).png


EN email.png

Example of an email informing in case of successful level 1 Bitkub account verification



Minor users (age 18-20 years old) are required to submit additional documents. Please visit here for more information.



  • *The verification may be completed within 1-15 days for general customers and within 60 days for customers with additional conditions after we receive the correct and complete documentation
  • In the event that there are many customers requiring the verification service, the process may take longer than usual. We will do our best to process your submission as soon as possible.
  • Our staff might contact you if there are any issues with your verification.
  • The documents for verification will be requested periodically for your information update according to the risk management policy, and your daily limit is subject to change depending on the current criteria of KYC assessment and the company's policy for risk prevention and management for our customers. In case you would like to increase your daily limit, you are welcome to apply for a custom limit change. (For questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact Bitkub Support.)
  • The steps or wording you find on the system may differ from the example pictures in this article. This does not affect any process of your verification. Should you experience this difference, please continue the verification as shown on the system.

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