How to buy coins (Cryptocurrency)?

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec 2023 at 01:19 PM

If you want to buy coins on Bitkub application, please click Bitkub App: How to buy coins (Cryptocurrency)


There are 2 ways to BUY coins :

  • Limit: This option will allow you to set your desired price for purchasing a coin.
  • Market: This option will allow you to get the price of the coins according to the current available price in the MARKET.
    *** You can read more about LIMIT and MARKET here.  

*** In order to buy coins, you must have a THB Credit Balance in your THB Wallet.


To purchase coins on using funds in your wallet, please see the steps below:

1. Log in to your Bitkub Account.

2. Click MARKET at the upper portion of the homepage.



3. Choose and Select the COIN that you wish to purchase at the right portion of the page. There is an option to search it manually by typing the name of the coin in the search box.



4. Choose your preferred option to BUY your coins either Limit or Market.



5. If you want to BUY coins under your preferred price, select the LIMIT Tab.

  • Put the amount of THB that you want to spend to BUY or choose the percentage of the amount that you want to spend. (100% is equivalent to the total THB balance that you have in your account.)
  • Put the preferred price per COIN that you wish to buy.
  • The system will calculate the amount of COIN that you will receive based on the THB that you wish to spend. You will see it in the third box. (The trading fee is already deducted from the calculated amount)
  • Click BUY


  • You may also see the ASKS and LATEST TRADES at the left and right portions of the page. You can click whatever ASKS or amounts that you may wish to spend.



6. If you want to BUY coins at the market price, select MARKET Tab.

  • Put the preferred amount of THB you wish to spend. You may also see the ASKS on the left portion of the page and the LATEST TRADES section on the right of the page for additional reference to your trading.
  • Click BUY

*** Trading fee will be deducted from the credit fee (if any), If not it will be deducted from the total transaction amount.


7. Your Transaction will be saved in MY OPEN ORDERS. Which is located at the left lower portion of the Market page.


 *** The information that is available in MY OPEN ORDER is the transaction made through a LIMIT order. It is waiting to be matched. If matched it will be completed and will be in MY ORDER HISTORY.

*** MY ORDER HISTORY will show the transaction that is already completed.

For your reference, please feel free to visit these links to learn more about how you can top up your THB Wallet:

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