Frequently Asked Questions About Application Forms For Corporate Account Registration

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General Questions

  1.  What is the validity period of the company certificate?

Answer: The company certificate must not be older than 6 months. For foreign juristic persons, the document must be certified by the notary public.

  1.  If I fill in the forms by hand and wish to correct some mistakes or change some details, how can I do it?

Answer: In case you wish to change some details in the forms, please cross out the one you want to change and write down the correct details. An authorized committee or director must also sign to certify at every correction or amendment point. Please do not use a correction pen or white-out.

  1.  Does the authorized committee have to sign every page if an additional document has multiple pages?

Answer: Yes, every page must be signed by the authorized committee using the same signature that appeared on the authorization document (or by an attorney who is authorized by the committees to certify the document). The document will not be accepted if all pages are not signed.


C-01 Form

  1.  Do I need to submit only the copy of the ID card of the company director’s or of all directors’ or the committees’ who sign in the application form, or only of the authorized persons?

Answer: Please submit a copy of the ID card of every committee or director who is authorized to sign the application form.

  1.  In the field where I need to clarify the type of business, can I fill in as a limited company only?

Answer: No. The applicant is required to give the company’s details thoroughly and clearly. For example, if your company is in a trade industry, you need to specify the type of products or services you are providing.

  1.  Regarding the use of other exchanges, does it refer to the services that have been used by an individual or as a juristic person?

Answer: Applicants need to clarify the details of other exchange(s) that they have used, if any, as a juristic person with all details of such exchanges and services.

  1.  Can I fill out only the endorser's name in the directors’ name list?

Answer: The company directors' name list must be filled in accordance with the company certificate.

  1.  Whose email address should I use for registration?

Answer: The email address that will be used for your corporate account should be your company’s email address. We advise you to consider the email address that will be used carefully as well as the access to the account. Please keep in mind that the email address will be linked to your company’s account which contains confidential information, including financial assets and information, financial transactions and confirmation, and more.

  1.  What is the condition of authorization on Page 3, clause 9?

Answer: It is the condition of authorization that is specified in the company certificate. 

  1.  Who is the authorized person who can perform transactions and manage trading activities on the account?

Answer: An authorized person for performing transactions and orders is the person who is authorized or granted access and authority to represent their company to manage the company’s account. The authorized person can, therefore, perform activities on the account including, but not limited to, creating transactions, creating buy and sell orders, transfers, and confirmations with the approval in accordance with the “Power of Attorney (C-03)” document and the “company meeting resolution” document.

  1.  Can we have more than one end beneficiary or ultimate beneficial owner?

Answer: In the event that there is more than one shareholder who holds 25% or more shares, you can fill in the details of those shareholders as end beneficiaries.

  1.  Who is the beneficiary or ultimate beneficial owner?

Answer: The beneficiary or an ultimate beneficial owner is the person who actually owns the account and truly has the right and power to control/manage all activities on the account, and is ultimately beneficial from the profits gained from the investments.

  1. What are the objectives of account opening and doing transactions?

Answer: The objectives of account opening are the purpose(s) for a corporate customer to open a digital asset trading account with Bitkub. You are required to specify them clearly.

  1.  What should I do in case the company does not have any shareholders who hold more than 25% of shares?

Answer: In case the company does not have any major shareholders who own more than 25% shares, please specify every person with controlling power or senior management, director, and authorized signatory who can make decisions for the company such as CEO, committee, or other authorized individuals, etc.

  1.  Whose signatures need to be on the signature card?

Answer: Directors who have the authority according to the affidavit, the authorized person, and the last attorney need to sign 1 field per 1 person and each person needs to sign on both lines with the same signature. For foreigners, the signature must match with the one on their passports.

  1.  Email and contact information descriptions 

13.1 Registered email

An email address that will be bound to an account and used to access the system for making transactions and buy/sell orders.

13.2 Email for receiving documents 

An email address that will be used for communicating with Bitkub regarding the application documents and processes of registering a corporate account.

13.3 Registered phone number

A phone number that will be used to install and receive the OTP and/or 2FA for your corporate account. This number must not be linked or have been used with any other account on the Bitkub system before.

13.4 Contact phone number

A phone number that will be used for communicating with Bitkub during the application and account registration.


C-03 Form

  1.  If the authority to manage the account will be granted to a person who is already a company director who can sign the documents and so on, do I still have to fill out the power of attorney (C-03) form?

Answer: Yes. The meeting’s resolution document stating the agreement of the committees and the company’s management to open an account with Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. must be submitted together with the C-03 form.



  1.  Do I have to fill out the FATCA form even if I’m not a U.S. juristic person?

Answer: You are required to fill in the FATCA form even though you are not a U.S. juristic person, and provide the details truthfully.


Document: Copy of a Board of Directors’ meeting resolution to open an account with Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. with an authorized signature and a company’s stamp (if any)

  1.  What details are required for a copy of the Board of Directors' meeting resolution to open an account with Bitkub Online Co., Ltd.?

Answer: The copy of the Board of Directors' meeting resolution must contain at least the following details:

- A request to open an account with Bitkub Online Co., Ltd.

- Objectives of account registration

- Name of the authorized person to perform transactions and send digital assets trading orders


Document: Copy of the company's financial statements for the past year or the company's bank statements for the past 2 years

  1.  Do I need to sign on every page?

Answer: No, you do not need to sign on every page. However, you must sign at least on the first page where the auditor signs to certify the document.

  1.  If the company has been recently founded and has no documents that meet the specified periods (such as the bank statement for the past less than 1 year), can I open a corporate account in this case?

Answer: You are welcome to submit the documents that you have or can obtain, or send us any questions to [email protected]We are more than happy to assist you with your concerns. 

However, please note that the company, Bitkub Online Co. Ltd, reserves the right to consider the approval of the applications that do not meet the conditions on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your interest and for choosing Bitkub.

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