How to complete account periodic verification (KYC Update) on Bitkub application

Modified on Fri, 01 Dec 2023 at 01:43 PM

Customers who receive a notification or are contacted by Bitkub Exchange to update their account information for periodic review (KYC Update) can complete updating their account by following the instructions below. 

** Customers who are not notified to update their account do not need to do anything as per this article. **

1. Log in to your account on the Bitkub application.

  • The system will display a pop-up message.

2. Tap “Update now” to continue.

Remark: You can tap “X” if you wish to update your information later. After that, the pop-up message will disappear, but it will reappear upon the next login after 24 hours.

3. Take a photo of the front side of your Thai ID card.

  • Click on the green button with the message "Take a photo" to take a photo of your ID card.
  • Then click "Confirm" to submit a photo or "Retake" to take a new photo.


4. Take a selfie.

  • Click “Get started” to start taking your selfie with your device’s camera, or
  • Click “Add a photo from another device” to continue on a different device.

4.1 Look straight, and then slightly turn your face to the left and right as instructed by the system accordingly.

Example of a correct selfie

  • Position your face in the middle of the frame before taking the selfie.
  • Remove the face mask, glasses, or any accessories that are covering your face.
  • Turn your face slightly according to the instructions of the system.


5. Fill out your information in every field correctly. The information must be current and true, and tap "Next".

  • After filling out the phone number, please click on the “OTP Verify” button to request an SMS OTP to confirm your phone number.

image (1).png


6. Update your occupation information to be current, and tap "Next".


image (2).png

7. Complete a suitability test, and tap "Submit".

image (3).png

Select the verification method you want to use.

  • For Thai nationals

8.1 Using the National Digital ID (NDID) service: Click here for detailed instructions

8.2 Using the Dip Chip method at Counter Service at a 7-Eleven store: Click here for detailed instructions

  • For non-Thai nationals

The verification system is temporarily suspended. However, we will announce the update immediately once the service is back in service. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Once you complete the process, you will see a pop-up message as shown in the screenshot above; this means your updated information is sent to our system, and wait for the process to be proceeded by Bitkub Exchange.



Processing Time and Verification Result

After we receive the correct and complete information/documents from you, we will send the verification result to your email address registered with Bitkub Exchange as soon as possible, or within 1-15 days for general customers and within 60 days for customers with additional conditions.



  • KYC Update is a process of account update that includes updating the information of every section of an account as well as submitting new verification documents. Please note that after the completion of the KYC Update, the limit of your account may differ as it is decided based on the newly submitted information. (Your account limit may be the same, increased, or decreased.)
  • Your account limit will be considered carefully and is based on the company’s decision in order to comply with the law and the services of the Company.
  • In case you are unable to complete updating your account information within a certain period, and your account is temporarily suspended, the suspended service(s) can be unlocked only after the new KYC information is submitted and approved.
  • In case of Persona issues, please try the basic steps as follows:
    1. Change the internet connection
    1.1 Make sure to connect with the most stable internet signal.
    1.2 Change the internet signal from WiFi to cellular data (or vice versa).
    2. In case the issue still persists on the application, please try to continue the verification at on the mobile browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

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