How to submit your verification for changing email address/name/address/phone number through Persona

Modified on Fri, 22 Mar 2024 at 03:13 PM

In case you wish to change some of your account information on Bitkub Exchange: your first name - last name, phone number, address, and email address, you are welcome to submit your data change request by following the steps below.

1. Contact our Bitkub Support ([email protected]) and specify what data you would like to change (you can request to change more than 1 type of data at the same time):

  • Email address
  • First name - last name
  • Contact address
  • Phone number

2. Our team will send you a Persona link via email.

3. Tap on the link attached to the email.

4. Complete all steps on the Persona system. Please see the following instructions.

4.1 Select your nationality, and tap “Next”.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.11.09.png

  • You can change the language by selecting the tool at the bottom left. (Please see the below screenshot.)

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 17.40.12.png

4.2 Read the message thoroughly and tick the box in front of the sentence “I acknowledge and want to proceed further.” before tapping “Submit”.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.11.16.png

4.3 Fill in your first name and last name both in Thai and English correctly, and tap “Submit".


4.4 Upload the front-back sides of your ID card (for Thai nationals) or the front side of your passport (for foreign nationals).

  • Tap on the green button with the camera symbol to take a photo of the front of your ID card, or
  • Tap on the “Upload a photo” button to upload the photo from your photo album, or
  • Tap on the “Add a photo from another device” to continue on a different device.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.11.32.png

4.5 Tap “Use this photo” if your photo looks clear to submit it, or tap “Retake a photo” to take a new one. 

  • In case your photo is incorrect (such as the wrong type of document) or of poor quality, the system will show you a message “Couldn’t verify photos”. Please tap “Retry” to upload a new photo.

4.6 For Thai nationals, if a photo of the front of your ID card is valid, the system will direct you to take a photo of the back of your ID card.

  • Please hold your ID card still in the frame displayed on the screen and tap the “Take photo” button to take a photo of the back of your ID card.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.12.47.png

4.7 If the photo of your ID (or passport) is accepted, the system will direct you to take a selfie.

  • Tap “Get started” to start taking your selfie with your device’s camera, or
  • Tap “Add a photo from another device” to continue on a different device.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.13.14.png

4.8 When taking a selfie, please look straight, and then slightly turn your face to the left and right as instructed by the system accordingly.

Screen Shot 2565-06-28 at 16.29.51.png

  • In case your selfie is not accepted, you will see a message as shown in the screenshot below. Tap “Continue” to retake your selfie.

Example of a correct selfie

  • Position your face in the middle of the frame before taking the selfie.
  • Remove the face mask, glasses, or any accessories that are covering your face.
  • Turn your face slightly according to the instructions of the system.

Screen Shot 2565-06-28 at 16.29.27.png

4.9 Select what kind of personal data you would like to change (can select more than 1), and tap “Continue”.

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 12.08.13.png

4.10 Fill in the details correctly.

For email address change

  • In the first field, please fill in your old email address. (If you cannot remember, you can leave this field blank.)
  • In the lower field, please fill in the new email address that you want to use.
  • Tap “Continue”. 

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.06.25.png


For name change

  • Please fill in the old and current names in each field correctly. 
  • Upload your name change certificate or marriage certificate (in case your last name is changed from marriage).

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.09.14.pngScreen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.17.16.png


For contact address change

  • You can select whether you want to use the address as stated on your Identity document (tap on the circle in front of “Yes”), or you can select “No” to fill in a different address by yourself.

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.18.41.png


For phone number change

  • The country code, space between digits, and symbols are not required when filling in your phone numbers, such as 0991234567.
  • In the field for old phone number, you can leave it blank.
  • In the field for new phone number, please fill in the active phone number that belongs to you and is reachable.

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.21.01.png


    4.11 Recheck all the information to ensure it is correct, and tap “Submit”.

  • You can edit the answers on this summary page if you need to correct some details.

Screen Shot 2565-09-22 at 14.26.59.png

You will see a message “We’ll inform you of the result in 7 business days via email”; this means that your information has been sent to our system, and you will receive an email to inform you of the result within the said period.

Screen Shot 2565-06-27 at 16.17.20.png


Remark: You may be contacted by our team whether via email or call for further verification. For security reasons, you can check the contact details of Bitkub Exchange here.

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