THB Deposit: Cheques by Creating Transactions on Website

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 09:40 AM

To create your transaction on the application, please visit here.

To deposit to your Bitkub account by using cheques on the website, please see below.

1. Log in to your account on 

2. From the Homepage, click the WALLET icon.

3. Click on the Deposit button aligned to THB.


4. Select Transfer THB method (your bank account must be verified, and a bank account must be added).

    4.1) Select the back you want to use for your deposit.

    4.2) Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

    4.3) Click Deposit Now.

5. The system will show the amount that you have to transfer. Please review the details then click OK.


6. Write a cheque that orders to pay to Bitkub Online Co., Ltd., and specify the deposit amount that is exactly the same as what shows on the deposit page on your Bitkub account, including the decimal digit.

7. Complete the transfer.

8. You will receive a deposit slip (a green slip) from the bank. Please take a photo of the cheque along with the deposit slip as shown below.


Example of a photo of the cheque and the deposit slip

9. Click Upload your proof of deposit and click Confirm Upload to submit your proof of deposit to the system so that our team can verify and credit your deposit to your Bitkub account accordingly.


Proof of deposit conditions

  • You must upload the correct proof of payment.
  • Your uploaded documents must be of high quality and in one of our supported formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF only.
  • Your deposit must be made from a bank account that is already linked to your Bitkub account, and the deposit amount on your proof must match the amount shown on your Bitkub account.

RemarkIf you wish to change the deposit amount and/or payment method, we strongly recommend that you cancel the previous deposit request first before creating a new one.


You can learn how to deposit THB to your Bitkub account via other methods from the following articles:

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